4 Escape Alive After Plane Crash Near Houston Airport

May 6, 2022 | Aviation Accidents

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HOUSTON, TX – Four people have escaped alive after a Houston plane crash during an emergency landing near Hobby Airport. The crashed aircraft landed in a residential area on the 8600 block of Heathglen Lane near Monroe Road and Fuqua, just feet away from Dobie 9th Grade Center.

The Cessna 421 C Golden Eagle took off from the airport at 2:19pm. It crashed directly behind residents’ homes, slamming into a backyard fence. 

Thankfully, the four people aboard the plane survived the crash with no reported injuries. 

According to officials, 69 HFD personnel from Stations 36, 52, 26, 54, 70, 61, 93, 29, 24, 72, 94, 15, 33, Hazmat 22 and Rescue 42 responded to the crash.


We are so glad to hear this incident resulted in miraculous zero injuries. We’ve represented families after small aircraft accidents and know that a split decision can mean life or death. Glad that we have the incredible Houston first responders on the job and we wish the best to those involved. 

Houston Plane Crash Injury Lawyers

An aviation accident case can be much more complicated compared to other personal injury claims. It often requires a high level of knowledge of the aviation industry as well as the law. When injured and overwhelmed with unexpected expenses or the loss of a loved one. The last thing on your mind should be learning how to handle a legal proceeding in an unknown industry. 

An experienced aviation lawyer from Williams Hart & Boundas will handle all the legal details in your claim. Thus, you can devote your time and energy to recovering from your injuries or loss.

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John Eddie Williams, Jr.

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