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Since 1983, Williams Hart & Boundas has helped thousands of injured clients navigate the legal process and obtain the compensation they deserve. Our team of Houston personal injury lawyers is dedicated to providing top-notch representation to those who have suffered injuries or harm due to the negligence or recklessness of others.

With 40 years of combined legal experience, we’ve established a reputation as one of Houston’s leading personal injury law firms. Our attorneys deeply understand personal injury law and have successfully represented clients in many cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, work accidents, defective pharmaceutical injuries, and more.

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Representing Survivors of Sexual Assault Against Lyft and Uber

Williams Hart & Boundas Lawyers are Leaders in National Litigation

Williams Hart & Boundas LLP specializes in complex cases that involve thousands of survivors. Our experienced attorneys, paralegals, and client representatives form a team that has fought multimillion-dollar corporations across the country and won for decades. We have reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents, hired top experts, and documented firsthand accounts from our clients in this litigation alone. We understand the lasting impact of sexual assault and are fighting for justice.

Key Facts


  • We are one of the first law firms to take on this litigation.
  • We represent thousands of survivors.
  • We have 40 years of industry experience representing clients against corporations.

Practice Areas

At Williams Hart & Boundas, we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation across various cases. Our experienced Houston attorneys are nationally recognized leaders in Personal Injury, Mass Tort, Commercial Litigation, and First-Party Insurance, ensuring that our clients receive the compensation they deserve when they’ve suffered harm due to someone else’s negligence, dangerous products, or widespread harmful practices.

Personal Injury

We are passionate about helping victims of negligence recover compensation for their pain, inability to work, and loss of income after a traumatic accident. Our knowledgeable Houston personal injury lawyers and staff offer decades of experience handling difficult and complex cases with integrity, perseverance, and respect for the law. Whether you’re facing an individual or a powerful corporation, we are ready to confront the most challenging of opponents.

Mass Tort

Our firm has a distinguished track record in Mass Tort litigation. With years of expertise in handling complex, multi-plaintiff cases, our team of skilled attorneys has successfully represented clients in various mass tort cases, from pharmaceutical and medical device lawsuits to toxic exposure and product liability claims. We understand the unique challenges of mass tort litigation and have the resources and legal acumen to navigate through them effectively.

Commercial Litigation

Our experienced team of complex Commercial Litigation attorneys handles intricate business disputes, including contract disputes, intellectual property matters, oil and gas claims, and more. We have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for our clients in high-stakes, multifaceted cases. With a deep understanding of the legal complexities involved in commercial litigation, we provide strategic and tailored solutions to protect our client’s interests and businesses.

First-Party Insurance

Our award-winning attorneys have been recognized as pioneers in First-Party Insurance litigation. We have successfully represented countless clients in cases involving insurance claims, coverage disputes, bad faith practices, and more. We understand the challenges policyholders face when dealing with insurance companies, and we are committed to ensuring that you receive fair treatment and the coverage you are entitled to.

You Pay Nothing Unless We Win

Williams Hart & Boundas believes that everyone is deserving of a top-quality attorney, no matter their financial circumstances. That’s why we only accept cases on a contingency fee basis. Rather than an hourly legal fee, a contingency fee arrangement means that the attorney will not receive any payment until the completion of the lawsuit and only if the suit is successful.

To win the toughest cases, it takes resources, perseverance, and decades of legal experience. We offer 100% free and confidential case evaluations. Fill out a contact form or connect with one of our helpful live chat representatives. Real people. Real help. We are ready to hear your story.

What Sets Us Apart

Our distinction among personal injury law firms lies in our unwavering dedication, expertise, and ample resources. Our team’s deep commitment and years of hands-on experience, combined with abundant resources, enable us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients, setting us apart in the legal landscape.


An unwavering pursuit of justice is the cornerstone of our practice, driven by our team’s profound commitment to our clients’ cases. We wholeheartedly advocate for their rights, tirelessly striving to ensure that justice is served, making our dedication a powerful force in every legal endeavor we undertake.


Years of practical experience have equipped us with an exceptional level of expertise in handling a wide spectrum of personal injury cases. This accumulated hands-on knowledge forms the bedrock of our firm, ensuring that we can navigate complexities and deliver effective solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.


Large cases require a team with the resources to fight for years. Not every firm can persevere for years, hire the experts needed, and to build a skilled team that can review thousands of documents. Our firm’s impressive array of resources, including ready access to respected experts and a highly capable support infrastructure, ensures that we can provide the highest level of service and advocacy to our clients. 


  • 18 Attorneys
  • 70+ Support Staff
  • Decades-long relationships with leading experts
  • Proven ability to go the distance


The compassion and determination with which we’ve served our community for nearly 40 years set us apart from other law firms. More than 200,000 clients have trusted our reputation as an honest and experienced team who will stop at nothing to secure compensation for their suffering. This trust has consistently earned us top-tier recognition as a nationally acclaimed personal injury trial law firm with a proven record of success.
Kelly JoKelly Jo
07:10 14 Dec 23
I will forever be grateful that I chose the right firm for my Roundup case. From the first phone call until the verdict, I have always felt so comfortable and respected by everyone I worked with from the firm. I was represented by people who truly care about their clients and their needs and feelings. I wish there was an option to give them 1000 stars on here! They are now much more than my attorneys... I am blessed to call them my friends!
Felicia CampbellFelicia Campbell
18:05 12 Dec 23
Great experience with the attorneys and great service with Rebbeca Rois
Mele AssefaMele Assefa
01:15 26 Oct 23
Williams Hart and Boundas Law Firm is deeply committed to the well being of their clients . The Law Firm has been supporting the Ethiopian community financially and probono legal work for the community.
Yonas GuddataaYonas Guddataa
21:46 09 Oct 23
William Hart and Boundas is a Law firm dedicated to stand for their clients and fight for you .I saw it first hand with the car accident case. The Law firm does not settle for anything less than your case worth. This are Lawyers who understand their responsibility to serve the community. It's a mark of professionalism and excellence. I want to thank Jim Hart and Yosef for following up with my family member car accident case to get his Car fixed and get a settlement.
tesfaye demissietesfaye demissie
21:25 09 Oct 23
William Hart Law firm handless my friend worku car accident case he was treated with utmost respect and compassion The insurance company refused to fix his car for three months William Hart was able to get a check within two weeks. I highly recommend Williams Hart Law firm and gladly give 5 stars.
21:17 09 Oct 23
Williams Hart and Boundas Lw firm has been consistently has been supporting the Ethiopian community for the last four years by supporting the community financially, handling car accident cases,and by providing probono legal work for the community l will let my family, friends and the community know. Highly recommend!
Marah HayesMarah Hayes
05:41 08 Jul 23
This is a great law firm. Margaret and the rest of the team were very helpful. They sat there and listened to what I had to say and took it into their own hands and handled everything. I was so glad that we got through everything and I can finally look forward to peace. I recommend everyone to take time out of their day and use this law firm! If i could give you guys a million stars then i would! Keep up the good work!
Hali JoinerHali Joiner
21:20 20 Jan 22
They handled a case for me years ago and when money came due to me recently the Wanda Ruiz did everything she could to track me down. That's amazing! I am so thankful.

Our Mission

Our mission at Williams Hart & Boundas is to uphold the highest standards in everything we do through encompromising integrity, resourceful advocacy, and providing top-rated expertise. These guiding principles are the foundation of trust and success in all our relationships, whether with our clients, employees, or partners.

Uncompromising Integrity

While jury verdicts and settlements are the currency of our profession, the moral commitment we have to our clients extends well beyond the financial bonds we forge. With this in mind, it has always been our goal to promote the highest ethical standards among all of our attorneys and staff. Giving our clients the very best legal representation is important to us – but conducting ourselves morally and ethically is even more important.

Resourceful Advocacy

We understand that navigating the complex legal landscape after an injury can be overwhelming. That’s why we have invested heavily in building a wealth of resources to support our clients at every stage of their journey to justice. Our firm is well-equipped to advocate on your behalf in negotiations and court. We are committed to seeing your case through to the end.

Top-Rated Expertise

With 40 years of combined experience in this field, our dedicated team of Houston personal injury attorneys has successfully handled countless cases, securing the justice and compensation our clients deserve. We also invest in our attorneys’ ongoing learning to ensure that they are well-informed about the latest laws, regulations, and legal strategies, providing our clients with the most up-to-date and effective legal representation.

Billions Won since 1983

For four decades, our reputation has won the trust of the Houston community. We have won many cases against some of the largest corporations in the nation. Our success in the courtroom has led to accolades from both our clients and peers.


Jury verdict against a chemical plant for wrongful death.


Jury verdict against a trucking company that resulted in nerve damage to our clients.


Verdict against a pharmaceutical company for a child born with severe birth defects.


Verdict against the manufacturer of a defective drug.


Verdict against a trucking company for severe neurological injuries.


Jury verdict against manufacturer of a toxic product.

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