Beyond Law: Getting Personal with Attorney Sejal Brahmbhatt

Dec 7, 2023 | Attorney Features

In this exclusive interview, Firm Partner and Mass Tort litigation expert Sejal Brahmbhatt opens up about her life as an attorney, including the pivotal moment when she decided to pursue a career in law and what she wants her clients to know about her. Join us for an insightful conversation that offers a glimpse into Sejal’s passion for justice and unwavering dedication to her clients’ well-being.

When did you decide to be a lawyer?

There has never been a time in my life when I didn’t want to be a lawyer.  It was always my goal.  My parents never shied away from sharing their journey with my sister and me. It was full of political unrest, multiple immigrations, lack of legal representation, overcoming adversity, and learning new languages and cultures, all to provide a better life for our family. So from a young age and after hearing my parents’ stories, I always questioned why? Why did this happen to them? Why did they agree to act in a certain way? Why did they tolerate the mistreatment? Why didn’t they speak up?  The sense of wanting to help those without a voice or knowing how to correct a wrong resonated with me. The law was a natural choice for me.

What is the best part of your job?

I love that I am constantly learning and developing my expertise, but most importantly, it is helping our clients.

I have worked with a wide range of incredibly well-qualified professionals who have taught me everything from how cancer spreads through the body to how birth defects occur to how to identify foreign particles in substances. One day I could be talking to a statistician and the next an oncologist. Every case is different, so the learning is never-ending.

There is nothing like obtaining justice for your clients and helping make their lives less complicated. For example, I have spent quite a bit of my legal career representing minors with birth defects.  And knowing that they can now obtain the medical treatment they need, live in an ADA compliant building, or even attend a special needs school brings me such joy.   I know that what I do makes a difference and I always keep that in mind with every decision I make, deposition I take, strategy I develop, etc.

What do you wish your clients knew about you?

I am always on their side and will always do what’s best for them. They can trust me to do my research, know their case, and that I will make well-informed decisions on their behalf. I really do review every page of my clients’ files.  This is not delegated to anyone else.  I believe to be a strong advocate for my clients, I must start from the basement up. There have been times when I’ve corrected clients about a note in their medical records or addressed something they casually said to me and they’ve turned to me and said, “Wow, you have read every page of my medical records” or said, “I can’t believe you picked up on that.”  Knowing every detail of the case is part of my job and allows me to develop and execute a litigation strategy to get my client the best results possible.

What do you like to do outside of the office?

I’m taking piano lessons, which fulfills a childhood dream of mine.  It’s hard, but it’s so fun. I get a lot of satisfaction out of now being able to read music and play simple pieces.

I have had season tickets to Broadway in Houston at the Hobby Center for well over a decade.  I have seen so many shows and I think my favorites thus far are Moulin Rouge, Jersey Boys, and Six.  I have a wide range of musical tastes and love to attend live music events from watching local bands perform in intimate settings to attending huge stadium concerts.  I have a 5-year-old maltipoo.  Her name is Ginsburg.  She is the sweetest dog and keeps me entertained!  I love to travel. While I travel quite a bit for work, on a personal level, I love to explore other cities/countries and cultures.  And I support all our local sports teams.  I try to attend games when my schedule permits.  H-Town, always!

If you were a car, what make/model would you be and why?

I’m aging myself here, but IYKYK…KITT from Knight Rider! Smart, dependable, creative, funny, and unique.

What’s the best thing you can cook?

I don’t have a signature dish. But I love to cook and try out new recipes. You would have to ask someone who has tried my food for the answer to that!

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