Louisiana Car Accident Attorneys That Get Results

To win the toughest cases, it takes resources, perseverance, and decades of legal experience. We offer 100% free and confidential case evaluations. We are ready to hear your story.


Car accident lawyers
Car accident lawyers

Our Louisiana car accident attorneys have helped thousands of victims.


Free Case Evaluation

Our legal team knows how to navigate insurance companies and police reports to get the facts. Time is of the essence when completing an investigation to build your case. Our trained Houston car accident lawyers will examine your case and give you the best possible information about your legal options.

You Pay Nothing Unless We Win

The last thing accident victims need is another bill to pay. So, we take a percentage of the portion of the final payout instead of charging money upfront. We also front other litigation costs, such as filing and witness fees. This means you’ll pay NOTHING unless we win your case.

We Have Experience and Resources

Insurance companies have deep pockets, and law firms like us know it can be a long fight to recover. Our legal team includes experienced investigators who locate evidence that supports your claims and refutes insurance company defenses.

We Win Big for Our Clients

We’ve helped thousands of car accident victims win substantial settlements for their injuries. Unlike other firms who might rush you through the process of a lawsuit for a quick turnaround, our firm prioritizes getting the maximum amount obtainable for our clients.

We’ve won millions for car accident victims.

The compassion and determination with which we’ve served our community for nearly 40 years set us apart from other law firms. More than 200,000 clients have trusted our reputation as an honest and experienced team who will stop at nothing to secure compensation for their suffering.


Jury verdict against an auto auction company for injuries


Verdict against a trucking company for severe neurological injuries


Jury verdict in a trucking accident that resulted in a wrongful death

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you.

Rahal Gebreselase

“A reckless Driver has seriously injured my friend Menderin. Her car was damaged and burned. The fire fighter puller out from burning car she stayed in hospital for three months. She was the bread winner of a family of four before the accident. Hart Law firm has been helping to manage her case with no fee to her. Highly professional and compassionate law firm. I will recommend it to my friends and families.”

Abel Mulugeta

“Our church member and a friend Worku Merjia was in auto accident. I talked to Yosef who referred us to Williams Hart & Boundas Law Firm. Work struggle to get his car fixed for months with Insurance company. Williams Hart & Boundas was able to get a check from Insurance company within a week. Firm is highly professional law firm who deeply care about their clients. I will give them Five stars.”

Ephrem Dinkineh

“Williams Hart & Boundas Law Firm are great. They deal with your case as it’s their personal one, and they treat you as family members not regular client. They did great job with one of my friend’s car accident injury case… her name is Menderin. I wish Williams Hart & Boundas Law Firm the best and I recommend them for any legal advise in the future. God bless all.”

Free case evaluation

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When you contact us, the process begins with a free and confidential consultation. Your dedicated Williams Hart & Boundas attorney will ask you about the accident, including the location, date, parties involved, the injuries you suffered, and the expenses you’ve incurred.

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