Down Goes Tyson: A Hardworking Employee’s Fight for Justice Against Tyson Foods

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Case Description

In the pursuit of profits, some corporations neglect the safety and well-being of their employees. The case of Rogelio Ramirez, a former Tyson Foods packager, sheds light on the disregard for workers’ rights and the consequences that follow. This story uncovers the series of events that led to Rogelio’s life-altering injury, the hardships his family endured, and the inspiring victory he achieved through unwavering determination.


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Trial Summary

Rogelio was a Tyson Foods packager, who had a reputation amongst his coworkers for being a hard worker. However, one day, a fellow Tyson employee, who lacked the proper forklift qualifications, dropped a load of dry ice in the packaging area. To hastily clean up the ice chips, the employee sprayed water on the floor, unwittingly transforming the area into an ice rink. Shortly after, Rogelio slipped on the ice and suffered a broken shoulder. Rogelio was never warned about the hazardous conditions, and no safety measures were implemented, leaving him and others at risk of harm.

Seeking medical assistance, he turned to a Tyson nurse, who dismissed his pain and provided nothing more than ice and heat treatment for his shoulder. Desperate for relief, Rogelio eventually sought treatment at an emergency room. However, his insurance coverage was rejected because he did not use Tyson’s designated doctors.

The consequences of Rogelio’s injury extended beyond physical pain. Unable to work due to his debilitating condition, he fell into a cycle of hardship. His wife, Sarah, had to sell family heirlooms and possessions to make ends meet, and they had to resort to living in a motel or with friends. Despite Rogelio’s efforts to secure employment, he found it impossible to keep a job because he never received the physical therapy he desperately needed. The lingering effects of his untreated injury prevented him from lifting his arm to a certain level, affecting his ability to perform work tasks effectively.

Hope emerged when Rogelio’s case came to the attention of Williams Hart and Boundas Law Firm. When our attorneys met with Sarah, Rogelio’s wife, she shared a story of a strong and cheerful man whose life had been shattered by the accident. Throughout the litigation process, Tyson never offered Rogelio an apology and even blamed him for his accident.

Consequently, Rogelio’s legal team, comprised of lawyers Cesar Tavares, Alma Tavares, and Michael Samaniego, alongside paralegal Genae Leal, took Tyson to court. Throughout the legal proceedings, it became increasingly apparent that the jury empathized with Rogelio’s plight. The mistreatment and lack of regard demonstrated by Tyson Foods struck a chord with the jury. What began as a case of corporate negligence transformed into a powerful narrative of a small family seeking justice against a large corporation.

Final Result

Jury Verdict

In a resounding victory, the jury awarded Rogelio and his family a unanimous verdict of $900,000. This triumph not only secured their financial future but also served as a reminder of the importance of holding corporations accountable for their actions. Rogelio’s case stands as a rallying cry to challenge the way that corporations treat workers and strive for an environment where every worker is valued and protected. By sharing Rogelio’s story, we highlight the urgency of ensuring that no one endures a similar fate, and that justice prevails when workers’ rights are violated.

Early in my career, I learned that there is no greater purpose and honor in life than to help others who are going through a tough time in their lives. I dedicated myself to fighting for what is right and ensuring justice is served for our clients.

Michael Samaniego

Early in my career, I learned that there is no greater purpose and honor in life than to help others who are going through a tough time in their lives. I dedicated myself to fighting for what is right and ensuring justice is served for our clients.

Michael Samaniego

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