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22 Construction Workers Injured in North Austin Crane Accident

Photo: KVUE-TV
Two cranes collided at a construction site in north Austin on Wednesday, causing one to partially collapse. The cranes became entangled several stories above a building in a developing area that includes residential, retail, and commercial space.

22 workers were injured in the accident, including 16 who were transported to hospitals with non life-threatening injuries, according to Austin-Travis County EMS spokesman Darren Noak. Most of those injuries occurred when workers were forced to run for cover.

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Hiring a Lawyer after an Injury Caused by Negligence

What happens if you are injured because of another person’s or business’ carelessness? They need to be held accountable, and you deserve to be compensated. A knowledgeable and skilled attorney can help. A lawyer can assist you in researching and making the right legal claim to help you win a lawsuit. Hiring the right negligence injury attorney will make the process as painless as possible and make you whole again.

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How a Lawyer Can Save Your Family When You’ve Been Hurt

Few things turn life upside-down more completely, or more quickly, than a sudden and serious personal injury. Medical bills quickly pile up when the victim is out of work, and there is no money to pay them. Meanwhile, the insurance company bombards the victim with financial settlement offers which might or might not be fair. Finally, there is the unsettling feeling that, even after the victim recovers, the family’s life might never be the same again.

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Crane Truck Accident on West Loop Creates Hazards for Local Commuters

Do you ever get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach when a semi-truck rushes past you on your morning commute? Most of us do. Just the sheer mass of these gigantic machines is enough to intimate anyone, particularly when they are travelling at high speeds. But 18-wheelers aren’t always the biggest vehicles on the road – or the most dangerous to local drivers on Houston’s highways.

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