Causes of Car Accidents: Driving Under the Influence

Mar 6, 2020 | Car Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 915 drivers under the influence of alcohol who were involved in an accident that led to a fatality in 2016. In Texas, there were 884 fatal DUI crashes, 1,682 incapacitating DUI crashes, 987 DUI fatalities, and 2,302 incapacitating DUI injuries. In 2016, Harris County saw 149 fatal crashes and 159 fatalities that were the result of drivers driving under the influence. In total there were 2,941 total crashes from those driving under the influence of alcohol. In 2016, 26% of all people killed in car accidents in Texas were involved in a crash where a driver was under the influence of alcohol.

The Department of Transportation also reported that in 2016 there were more DUI/alcohol crashes reported between 2:00 am–2:59 am than any other time of day, and the crashes took place most frequently on Saturday. This lines up with the time that bars close, and it is a good reason to exercise extreme caution if you have to drive late on the weekends.
In 2017, CNN reported that “drugged driving” surpasses drunken driving among drivers killed in crashes. A 2015 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that of the drivers who were killed in car accidents, 57% were tested for drugs and alcohol. The results showed that 37% of drivers who died tested positive for alcohol, while 43% tested positive for drugs in their system. Marijuana accounted for 35% of the positive drug tests.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving reported that nearly 7% of drivers involved in fatal traffic crashes had THC in their system. In drivers who were fatally injured, 57% had alcohol and/or other drugs and 17% had both. One person died every 50 minutes in the United States from drunk driving in 2016. There were 10,497 deaths from drunk driving crashes and 290,000 injuries in 2016.

Do I Need a Lawyer?
When you are dealing with the aftermath of a horrific drunk driving accident, you may be wondering: How will I know which law firm is right for me? Which personal injury lawyer is experienced in the type of law my case falls under? Which lawyer can I trust to represent me?

If you or someone you love has been injured by a drunk driver or someone driving under the influence of drugs, you should be aware of the laws that protect you. At Williams Hart & Boundas, we are sympathetic toward those who have been hurt by intoxicated drivers. After an accident with a drunk or drugged driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the medical bills you incurred after your injury and for your pain and suffering. A Houston drunk driving accident lawyer at Williams Hart & Boundas can thoroughly review the facts of your case and help guide you through the legal process.

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Choosing the right law firm is critical, and it may determine the outcome of your case. Over the last three decades, the legal team at Williams Hart & Boundas has represented thousands of drivers who were injured or tragically killed by drunk or drugged drivers. We have upheld a well-respected reputation in the legal community for our efforts on behalf of injured victims since 1983. Our extensive experience in the complex area of DUI and DWI cases has allowed us to win significant verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our attorneys have been listed as Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters, are members of numerous bar and lawyer associations, and have been ranked by the National Trial Lawyers as one of America’s 25 Most Influential Law Firms in 2016.

We have made it our mission over the last three decades to help and protect those who have been harmed by the irresponsible and reckless actions of intoxicated drivers. We are passionate about helping the people of Houston receive the justice and compensation that they deserve. 

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