Commercial Fires Affect Houston Communities

Jun 4, 2020 | Fires And Explosions

One moment, it’s business as usual at a commercial business. The next moment, flames are pouring out of buildings, causing millions of dollars in property damage and threatening dozens of lives. This is what occurred just a few months ago at a commercial establishment near Bush International Airport.

Plastic Pallets Catch Fire Near Houston’s Airport
This January, witnesses reported flames erupting out of a building near Richey Road in Harris County late at night. It was unclear how the fire broke out or whether anyone was in the building at the time. However, authorities were able to trace the flames back to their source: plastic pallets being stored behind the building.

The commercial facility was home to a business that refurbished plastic pallets. The fire was intense, and it involved multiple non-toxic chemicals. While fire officials reported that there was no danger to the public, the mysterious fire was certainly cause for concern. This is particularly true given how common these types of incidents have become in the Houston area.Commercial Fires and Explosions Impact a Wide Class of Plaintiffs
Houston residents are growing concerned about the increasingly common fires and explosions that are affecting their communities. While responders have been able to keep catastrophic injuries and deaths to a minimum, the rogue pollution that these events release may have untold consequences. Often, authorities will issue shelter-in-place orders to minimize harm. But time will only tell what the long-term damages of these all-too-common events will be.

Attorneys can help ensure that people far and wide who are affected by catastrophic events receive compensation for the damages that they’ve suffered as a result. Sometimes, this requires filing a class action lawsuit. Class actions are designed to help an entire class of plaintiffs receive compensation when they are all affected by a common type of harm.

Depending on the circumstances, commercial fires and explosions can give rise to liability that is appropriately addressed through a class action. In these cases, plaintiffs can receive compensation for damages they suffered without having to litigate independently. If you have been affected by one of the chemical fires or explosions that have erupted across the Houston area in the past few years, the attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas can help. We can discuss whether litigation may be appropriate for you or whether you may be able to be made whole through a class action or some other means. Call us today for a free consultation, we’re here for you.

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