Commercial Litigation: Franchise Disputes

Mar 31, 2020 | Commercial Litigation

Franchising offers tremendous benefits to both parties involved. For larger companies, it provides a logistically feasible way for their product to reach a wider audience. And for the franchisee, it provides an individual the opportunity to run a business under the name and guidance of a successful brand. While this is a relatively symbiotic venture, like any business relationship, disagreements do occur.

Our team of Houston franchise dispute attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas understands that you have a lot at stake in the event of a franchise dispute, whether it is your livelihood, your brand, or both. We represent both franchisees and franchisers to protect their positions through an agreement dispute in Houston and will take swift, aggressive action when necessary to enforce that agreement.
Common Points of Contention
Our Houston legal team has found that the most common problems that result in legal action faced by franchisees or franchisers often include one or more of the following:

  • Assessment of rights
  • Non-disclosure or misrepresentation claims
  • Noncompliance with franchise agreement
  • Unfair or deceptive trade practices

Our Houston attorneys have the experience and resources to litigate any franchise disputes involving these matters. Sometimes, however, mediation or arbitration may offer a simpler and quicker way of resolving disputes of this nature. The commercial litigation attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas can assess your case and help you determine which course of action will be most appropriate and effective for your situation. We can help you develop a legal strategy, if necessary, to defend your position in a franchise dispute. Our legal team may also work to recover any losses you have wrongly suffered in the midst of such a dispute. Contact us today to begin taking action.

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Commercial Litigation
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