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Oct 20, 2020 | Construction Accidents, Work Accidents

Texas is the home to a lot of proud accomplishments and world-records. But one record that the Houston area is not too terribly proud of is its reputation for construction site injuries.

How Common Are Construction Injuries in Houston?
When companies or employers neglect their obligation to impose the safety requirement of a work site, construction accidents are likely to occur.In Houston, construction site injuries are far too common, and many construction workers and their families are the ones who suffer the most after an accident. Twenty percent of workplace fatalities occur from construction related accidents.What Are the Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries in Houston?
Accidents over the last few years have been caused by collapsed buildings, floors, and roofs, faulty equipment, or hazardous work site conditions. The most frequent injuries occur from construction workers falling, but other injuries are common as well. Workplace injuries can be minor or quite serious, ranging from cuts and scrapes to lacerations, lost limbs, and even death.

What Happens When a Construction Worker is Hurt at Work?
Construction workers are entitled to worker’s compensation when the employers neglect results in an injury, regardless of the cause of the injury and even if it is a result of their own carelessness. An injured person may also sue a third party who may be at fault for the injury as well.

If their employer is responsible for the harm they suffered, injured workers can be rewarded money for any damages they experienced. Although, in most cases, the monetary reward is not enough to cover the actual costs and expenses. That is why hiring an attorney to evaluate and represent an injured construction worker is going to yield the best results for that individual and their family.

Why Hire a Construction Injury Lawyer?
A skilled construction injury lawyer will know the right questions to ask and investigate the situation completely, building a sound case to best defend an injured construction worker. In some cases, a strong case includes a claim against manufacturers of equipment for faulty design or defective products. An attorney will also know which criminal and civil claims to harness in your specific case and is prepared to deal with the complicated liability issues that require documentation, investigation and negotiation to reach a proper settlement.

It’s important to note that you won’t necessarily end up in court just because you hire a lawyer. An attorney will know when to advise you to take your case to court to receive your justice through litigation or whether they recommend settling your case. Rewards gained may include mental pain and suffering damages, lost wages (past and future), punitive damages, wrongful death damages, and any loss of enjoyment of life.

Our experienced Houston-based attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas will fight for the damages you deserve from a construction work injury. Let us help you understand your rights and fight to defend them, call us today for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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