Crane Truck Accident on West Loop Creates Hazards for Local Commuters

Aug 14, 2020 | Crane Accidents, Truck Accidents

Do you ever get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach when a semi-truck rushes past you on your morning commute? Most of us do. Just the sheer mass of these gigantic machines is enough to intimate anyone, particularly when they are travelling at high speeds. But 18-wheelers aren’t always the biggest vehicles on the road – or the most dangerous to local drivers on Houston’s highways.Crane Truck Accident on Houston’s West Loop Highway
On Friday, July 10, Houston commuters on the 610 West Loop near the Old Katy Freeway had their drives disrupted by an accident involving a crane truck. The multi-vehicle accident caused lane closures and substantial damage to two passenger vehicles. While the cause of the accident is still being investigated, one thing is clear: a driver-side tire came off of the crane truck, spun off, and came to rest on the highway divider. 

It remains unclear whether the tire came off of the truck prior to the crash or as a result of the impact, but either way the situation made for a seriously hazardous commute. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. However, crane truck accidents tend to be incredibly dangerous, and too often they result in permanent disability or death. 

Crane Trucks Are Potentially Even More Dangerous Than Semi-Trucks
Vehicles that carry cranes are different from regular semi-trucks. In order to support the cranes they carry, these unique vehicles must be configured to ride higher and heavier than 18-wheelers. This design creates a risk for so-called “under-ride accidents,” which occur when one vehicle goes underneath another. These accidents carry a massive risk of injury, including permanent disability or death. 

It is possible that the crane truck in the recent accident was improperly maintained or experienced a mechanical failure that caused its tire to come loose. If so, the truck’s owner, Crane & Rigging, may be liable for damages. But in truth, everyone on the road that day was lucky that the accident wasn’t deadly. Because they are so tall and top-heavy, crane trucks run the risk of tipping over. When this occurs, everyone in the area is at serious risk. 

If you or someone in your family has been injured by a crane truck, semi-truck, or any other large vehicle, the impacts can be devastating. But in these cases, the skilled attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas are here for you. We are experienced litigators, and we will pursue your personal injury claim to the furthest extent of the law. If you’ve been hurt, contact us today; we’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.

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