Do I Need a Lawyer after Someone Died?

Nov 4, 2020 | Wrongful Death

The time immediately following the death of a loved one is a whirlwind of emotions weighted with the grief and sorrow of loss. If the death is tragic or unexpected, then this can be an immensely disorientating time full of anger and anxiety and uncertainty for the future. The first thing on your mind would not likely be whether or not you need a lawyer.

You don’t need to be alone. Having the knowledge that you have a compassionate lawyer with the expertise to stand up for your rights will greatly assist in enabling you to come to terms with your loss, get the answers that you deserve, and ensure your family has the financial means to move forward with your lives.

The Houston based law firm of Williams Hart & Boundas is available to see if you and your family may be entitled to financial compensation as the result of wrongful death due to negligence. It is imperative that you contact a lawyer immediately before others have the opportunity to potentially damage your chances of getting what you justly deserve.

What is wrongful death due to negligence?

Incidents such as car accidents, assault and battery, workplace accidents, or medical malpractice may all result in the wrongful death of a person. The exact legal description for wrongful death can change from state to state, but in Texas, it is defined as a wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness or default’ that causes the death of a person.

It is possible to file a civil wrongful death case against another individual or company even if they have been cleared of any criminal liability because the standard of proof is lower with regards to a civil case. Schedule a free and confidential consultation with the team at Williams Hart & Boundas today.

Why should I contact a lawyer after a death in the family?
If you believe that the tragic loss of life of your family member was avoidable or was the result of the actions of someone else, then it is crucial to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to financial compensation in the state of Texas if a death can be attributed to the negligence or carelessness of a person or company. In Texas, it is especially important to contact a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible as there is only a two-year statute of limitations with regards to wrongful death in many circumstances. Exceptions to this include when:

  • A plaintiff’s mental or physical impairment prevented them from filing
  • A minor child is the plaintiff in the wrongful death lawsuit
  • The defendants were not known to be negligent during the statute of limitations period

Williams Hart & Boundas has been aggressively fighting for the rights of individuals and their families in Texas for almost forty years. We are passionate about helping those that have been affected by a wrongful death and will stand up for the little guys against imposing opposition.

An initial consultation is free and since Williams Hart & Boundas is a contingency fee law firm, this means that you have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay a dime unless you win your case or obtain a settlement. Don’t delay, get in touch with your advocate at Williams Hart & Boundas today.

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