Fed Up by Chemical Fires and Explosions, Texans Take Action

Jun 4, 2020 | Fires And Explosions, Industrial Accidents

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​Texans take care of each other. This is part of the reason why several churches founded the Restoration Team after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. This network of community leaders and caring people work hard to help their neighbors rebuild their homes and their lives after suffering damage from disasters. But not all these disasters are natural, and many are avoidable accidents – or even acts of negligence. 
Communities Work to Rebuild After Catastrophe
Restoration Team volunteers reached out to the hundreds of families affected by a recent explosion that affected the Westbranch and Carverdale neighborhoods. These good Samaritans worked to secure the exterior structures of the hundreds of homes damaged by an explosion at the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing facility, which shook the Houston communities in late January of this year.

Property damage from the explosion was catastrophic. Windows were broken, garage doors were knocked off their tracks, buildings were shaken off of their foundations, ceilings collapsed, and some houses were destroyed entirely. Negligence has not yet been proven, but residents are ready for a fight. Lawsuits have already been filed against the company that owned the building that exploded in the middle of the night.

Dealing with Damages from Commercial Fires and Explosions
While homes can be rebuilt, the lives lost in the Watson facility explosion will never be reclaimed. Two men died in the blast, and at least 18 other people were injured as a result. Watson was fined by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) in 2013 for a serious violation. If deemed relevant to an ongoing pattern of negligent activities, this OSHA violation could be used as evidence of liability for other wrongs.

The lawsuits pending against Watson Grinding and Manufacturing will be resolved one way or another. If the company is deemed to be at fault for the damage caused by the explosion, it will have to pay. But for the time being, Texans are helping each other rebuild.

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