We Help Insurance Policyholders Recover from Disaster.

We understand that recovering from a disaster is stressful. If your property sustained damage after a disaster, dealing with your insurance company can be overwhelming. First-party insurance claims are often delayed, underpaid, or denied, leaving frustrated policyholders without the proper recourse. 

Williams Hart & Boundas is dedicated to helping policyholders navigate their first-party insurance claims. Our experienced trial lawyers have the resources and connections to fight dishonest insurer tactics and ensure a fair and speedy recovery. Our first-party insurance team represents all types of policyholders, including school districts, municipalities, residential and commercial businesses on their insurance claims.

Spring, TX - Victim Burned in Industrial Flash Fire at 2100 Old Ox Rd

First-Party Insurance vs. Third-Party Insurance

First-Party Insurance Claims

A first-party insurance claim is between the policyholder and their insurance company. An example of a first-party insurance claim would be a homeowner whose home sustains damage during a hurricane. In this case, the homeowner files a claim with the insurance company to cover the damage and compensate according to what is included in the policy.

Third-Party Insurance Claims

A third-party insurance claim is between three parties: the policyholder, the insurance company, and another individual. The claim is made by the individual, not the policyholder or insurance company. Liability claims are the most common type of third-party insurance claim. For example, if you cause a motor vehicle accident that injures another driver or passenger, the injured person can file a liability claim against your insurance company.

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Rene M. Sigman

Rene M. Sigman

Of Counsel Attorney

Rene M. Sigman is an established and widely respected attorney whose pioneering in first-party insurance litigation has earned her a glowing reputation within the legal community. For the past 20 years, she has represented all types of policyholders, including school districts, municipalities, residential and commercial businesses on their insurance claims. Additionally, Ms. Sigman is one of the first & few attorneys that has successfully tried a first-party hurricane lawsuit in Texas. She has spent most of her legal career representing policyholders whose insurance claims have been wrongfully underpaid, delayed, or denied.



Jury verdict for injuries resulting from an accident that occurred while drilling an oil well.


Jury verdict against manufacturer of a toxic product.


Jury verdict against industrial facility for a wrongful death.

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Hali JoinerHali Joiner
21:20 20 Jan 22
They handled a case for me years ago and when money came due to me recently the Wanda Ruiz did everything she could to track me down. That's amazing! I am so thankful.
Nafisa MorrisNafisa Morris
19:58 11 Jan 22
The team at Williams Hart & Boundas walked with me through the most difficult years of my life. For over 4 years, they fought diligently to get me and my children what we deserved. I was always impressed with their intricate, detailed knowledge of our case during each and every hearing or meeting. I am grateful I chose them to represent us.
Sharon SamuelSharon Samuel
17:45 30 Dec 21
I truly recommend Williams Hart & Boundas Law Firm to everyone. Everyone that works here is extremely professional and friendly.
Melissa VelazquezMelissa Velazquez
22:38 28 Dec 21
Everyone here has been very helpful and professional. I appreciate their knowledge and responsiveness. Definitely making my experience less stressful.
Swift FrostSwift Frost
20:42 23 Dec 21
I would like to thank Williams Hart & Boundas for showing compassion to our sister. She is the sole breadwinner in her house and when she got into a terrible accident that sent her to the hospital for weeks recently, they helped her with her legal issues at no cost. This shows that they are a great neighbor to the community they serve. They are a great example of how we all should behave. Thank you.