Williams Hart Burn Injury Client Awarded $7.5M Verdict

Nov 18, 2021 | Burn Injuries, Consumer Protection, Firm News, Personal Injury

A Fort Worth, TX family and client of Williams Hart Law Firm is ecstatic to receive justice after a family member suffered traumatizing burns due to a Blue Rhino propane tank explosion while lighting his barbecue grill. The victim attempted to ignite the grill when the propane tank’s valve malfunctioned and caused a blast that left burns to his face, hands, and chest.

Williams Hart attorney Cesar Tavares secured an outstanding $7.5M verdict for this family. The defendant was found 93% at fault. 

We are very proud to have Cesar on our roster of top-rated lawyers. Special thanks to the team’s hard work, including attorneys Margot Trevino, Margret Lecocke, Emily Vechan, and our staff Genae Leal, Melissa Owens, and Leo Garza. We are proud of everyone who played a part in this momentous win for our client. 

Our Commitment to Burn Injury Victims

We understand the profound physical and emotional trauma that burn injury victims experience. A severe burn injury has a profound physical, psychological, and financial impact. Moreover, the overwhelming cost of recovery extends well beyond immediate medical emergency care. Loss of income and long-term treatment is a challenge that no one should ever have to face alone – that’s why our burn injury lawyers are determined to help victims receive just compensation.

Burn injury victims must understand that insurers may not account for long-term health consequences. Instead, their main concern is paying as little as possible to the claimant and moving on. Our attorneys are not afraid to demand proper accountability from those responsible for such catastrophic injuries. 

Hiring our team to represent you or your loved one in a burn injury claim would be advantageous in several ways:

  • Our team can determine a more accurate and fair value of your claim.
  • We can ensure that any fair settlement will include all of a victim’s expenses, including the past, present, and future medical bills, loss of income, and other damages.
  • Our experienced attorneys can handle all communication with the insurance companies on your behalf. They can also take care of any paperwork, court filings, and court appearances so that you can focus on your recovery. 

Product Safety for Consumers Under the Law

When you purchase a product, whether online or in-store, you expect the item to either make your life easier or more enjoyable. However, when manufacturers fail to ensure the quality of that product, serious injuries can occur. For example, in the case mentioned above, the client purchased a Blue Rhino propane tank to fire up a barbecue grill. No one should ever end up in a burn unit for trying to cook up a meal for their family. 

Most claims regarding consumer product safety cases in Houston find a basis for litigation through the following legal protections:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission: Protects consumers from owners or manufacturers who issue dangerous products onto the market.
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: Guarantees straightforward and enforceable guidelines regarding warranty practices
  • The Consumer Protection Act (1986): Guarantees the right to be protected against the marketing of goods that are hazardous to life and property and thereby helps to prevent unfair business practices. 

Without these proper safeguards, some owners and manufacturers may take advantage and often risk consumers’ lives to cut costs. Unfortunately, unless enforced, these protections from unethical actions are ineffective.

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