Houston Attorney Will Langley Files Lawsuit in Brain-Eating Amoeba Case

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This past summer, the family of a 6-year-old Lake Jackson boy faced a tragic loss from which they are still reeling. In early September, Josiah Castillo headed to the local splash pad to enjoy a day with his loving grandparents, which any child would be excited for. Days thereafter, Josiah began complaining of a headache, nausea, and vomiting and was quickly taken to UT Medical Branch hospital in Angleton. 

Doctors could not reach a diagnosis. He died on September 8th. 

The proceeding investigation revealed that the tragedy was caused by a contaminated water supply in the storage tank of the splash pad fountain, where the CDC detected the presence of naegleria fowleri, a lethal brain-eating amoeba. It is a single-celled living organism that causes a rare and devastating infection of the brain called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). It infects people when contaminated water enters through the nose and makes its way into the brain along the olfactory nerve, destroying brain tissue. 

According to the Castillo family’s attorney, Will Langley, the splash pad water supply is operated by the Brazosport Water Authority, which draws its water from the Brazos River. That water then merges with water from Lake Jackson’s aquifers before it’s delivered to city residents.

“If the river is a likely source for the amoeba and it was not properly processed before it was introduced into the city’s water supply, that’s part of our question,” Langley said.

Government Negligence Can Have Lethal Consequences

At least three months before the day Josiah Castillo and his grandparents arrived at the city-operated splash pad, on May 26, the Brazos River Authority released a quality issue alert regarding the potential presence of naegleria fowleri in warm freshwater and soil. Brazosport Water Authority did not issue a boil water notice until Sept. 26, two weeks after Josiah’s death. 

At a press conference on October 9, Lake Jackson’s city manager, Modesto Mundo, declined to say when the fountain was last inspected, nor if previous inspections showed any warnings about the condition of the fountain’s storage tank. The Lake Jackson Department of Health is responsible for inspecting the splash pad. 

Attorney Will Langley Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Josiah Castillo’s Family

Attorney Will Langley at Williams Hart Law Firm demands accountability from the entities responsible for the immeasurable grief the Castillo family has faced. A lawsuit has been brought forth against the city and water authority for failing to act on the Brazos River Authority’s warning on May 26. 

According to this lawsuit, the fountain, constructed in 1999, was not originally designed as a splash pad for kids, but a decorative city structure set to a timer with music. When this did not work correctly, the city repurposed the structure as a splash pad and recognized that the water would need to be chlorinated prior to use. However, the city did not set a chlorination schedule, and no records were kept of when the fountain was last treated before Josiah Castillo’s death.

As a father of young children and an advocate for victims of negligence, Will was ready to stand up for this family without hesitation. 

“The city, based on the known use that people were using [the fountain] for, had an obligation to keep the water properly chlorinated to keep kids safe out there, and they didn’t do that.” Will Langley, Williams Hart Law Firm

How Will is Helping Toxic Exposure Victims Take Action

After graduating from law school at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016, Will began practicing law in complex commercial litigation. Soon he realized his true passion was protecting injured individuals against negligent corporations. His accomplishments include a $530,000 settlement for a client injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer and a $285,000 settlement for a client injured in a moving incident. 

While favorable settlements are an indicator of a successful trial attorney, Will understands that no amount of money can undo his clients’ suffering or bring back a loved one. Delivering justice for his clients is his number one priority. As we continue to navigate a vulnerable path through the pandemic, hardworking families are suffering from the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19 corporate negligence. Find out how Will is helping these families take a stand here. 

When Toxic Exposure Turns Deadly, You Need a Compassionate Legal Team on Your Side

Losing a loved one is never easy. While no amount of compensation can make up for the loss you have suffered, we believe the justice system can bring accountability and closure. Our record of success in helping thousands of families is what sets us apart from other firms. We stand ready to help you when the unthinkable happens.

When clients ask what motivates us, our team will tell you that justice for the family is the most significant factor in everything we do. Contact us today for a free consultation with a legal professional. Get the facts about your possible case with no obligation.

Will Langley

Will Langley


Attorney Will Langley’s values are loyalty, honesty, and justice.  He is loyal to his clients, open and honest with all parties, and works tirelessly to achieve justice for his clients.

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