Houston’s Deadly Highways

Nov 4, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Texas is home to some of the most dangerous roadways in the country. Its highways are designed to transport commercial goods quickly. With a high volume of 18-wheelers sharing the road to meet the state economy’s demands, Texas drivers face alarmingly dangerous odds at being involved in a truck accident. In fact, there are thousands of truck accident injuries deaths in the state every year. This is just as true in Houston as it is across the state.

Countless Lives Lost on Houston Highways

Houston is a port city. As a result, it has many major truck routes that transport cargo from importing harbors across the nation. The concentration of 18-wheelers within our community causes serious hazards. Data collected by the Houston Chronicle shows that Houston has the deadliest roads in the country.

Approximately 2,850 people are injured in Houston from truck accidents on average each year. Another 640 drivers or passengers lose their lives. This is a particularly high risk when auto accidents involve 18-wheelers. These facts and figures are terrifying enough, but the reality does not set in until it happens to one of us.

For many parents, losing a child or leaving their family behind after a tragic accident is their worst nightmare. These entirely preventable situations occur all too often because of truck drivers and their company’s negligence. On May 26 of this year, in a Houston truck accident, a father of four died after a collision with an 18 wheeler. Just two weeks later, a 25-year-old woman and a 3-year-old child also lost their lives following a crash with an 18 wheeler. The vehicle driver survived, but the weight of such a loss would be a huge burden for anyone to bear.

Who is to Blame When Truck Accidents Claim Lives?

Truck accidents are often fatal because of the significant size and weight of a truck. Thus, it is difficult for drivers to slow down from high speeds or stop quickly enough to avoid a collision. When the worst does happen, who is held accountable?

No charges were filed in either of the deadly accidents described above, but that is not to say that nobody was to blame. When someone dies in an accident with a tractor-trailer, there is always an element of liability. After all, 18-wheelers are massive; it is difficult to operate and maintain these vehicles safely and reasonably. Also, even the slightest slip-up from a truck driver can cost someone their lives.

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