Labor Unions Have Trusted Us for More than 30 Years.

Mar 8, 2021 | Labor and Employment

37 Years Representing Hardworking People

Labor union representation has been an integral part of Williams Hart & Boundas Law Firm since our founding in 1983. Our lawyers have represented clients in all 50 states. We help our clients through union representation, personal injury, maritime law, serious accidents, and toxic exposure. We are proud to provide quality representation for the injured.

Our Commitment to Labor Unions

Labor unions play a fundamental role in the development and enforcement of labor standards in our country. Our team at Williams Hart & Boundas is proud to support local unions as they continue to advocate for fair compensation and workers’ rights.

Founding Partner John Eddie Williams, Jr. grew up in a strong labor union household, and the blue-collar spirit of his background is an essential part of our firm. In 2018, John Eddie was inducted into the National Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame for his groundbreaking work in the courtroom.

Firm Partner Jim Hart started practicing law representing labor union members who were seriously injured on the job. He’s seen firsthand the financial and emotional strain a work injury can cause as well as the positive impact a legal victory can have for union families.

We are the preferred law firm of 28 local union chapters.

People We Have Helped

Victims of the BP Texas City Explosion (2005) – When a BP refinery explosion in Texas City killed 15 and injured hundreds of others, Williams Hart & Boundas was there for the victims. We represented 150 injured workers who won just compensation for their injuries. We have now handled hundreds of explosion claims against major corporations such as Phillips Petroleum Co and ARCO. We have recovered close to $20 billion for our clients.

The Dearman Family (2020) – Paula Dearman’s son David was working on a construction site as a surveyor when a passing truck driver dropped a cigarette while driving. This led the distracted driver to fatally injure David. Williams Hart & Boundas stepped in to hold the trucking company accountable and to secure a settlement that helped the Dearman family recover from the tragic loss of their son.


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