Ran Off a Houston Road by an Angry Driver? Here’s What You Should Do.

Aug 27, 2020 | Car Accidents

Getting run off the road by an angry or careless driver is terrifying. But unfortunately, this is something that happens on Houston’s highways every day. But when drivers are run off the road and hurt as a result, what should they do? First and foremost, they should make sure everyone involved is safe and seek medical attention for their injuries. After that, they should call an attorney to make sure their rights are protected.Houston’s Dangerous Highways 
Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the nation. It also has the most freight and hauler congestion in the state, and has some of the busiest highways in the nation. Motorists should always practice diligent driving, appropriate passing, and maintaining proper speed limits. However, despite best practices and efforts, accidents still occur. 

It’s an unfortunate fact that auto accidents are quite common in Houston. An average of 640 people die on Houston-area roads each year, and 2,850 more are seriously injured. The reasons why Houston’s highways are so dangerous has a lot to do with the fact that we have so many drivers on the road at any given time. Just the sheer number of vehicles on the road result in more confrontations between them. And commonly enough, blind spots on 18-wheelers lead commercial truck drivers to change lanes without noticing anyone flanking them. In these cases, unhappy drivers are often forced off of the road. 

What Should You Do If You’re Run Off the Road?
If you find yourself in an accident, you should report the accident to the police and to the trucking company immediately. You should then seek medical assistance, no matter how you feel. Getting a medical examination can help to better understand how the accident has affected you. After all, you may have been injured but your diagnosis does not become evident until persistent medical conditions arise. 

Once you’ve made the proper reports and sought medical attention, hire an attorney. Truck accidents result in traumatic injuries for drivers, passengers, bystanders, pedestrians, and others on the roadway. If you or someone you love has suffered physical, emotional, or property damage following a car accident, you have a right to seek damages and be compensated. Possible damages for a truck accident injury may include lost wages, pain and suffering, repair costs, life changing settlement rewards, and more. A good lawyer will help you navigate the hardships of getting run off Houston roads, especially if you get hurt.

How Does a Lawyer Help After an Accident?
A professional car accident attorney can take any materials and information you have gathered from the incident and begin to build your case to get you the justice owed to you.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers immediately. Our skilled attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas can help you make sense of your case and win the damages you deserve after an accident. Call us today for a free initial consultation – we are more than happy to take the time to disc​uss your potential recovery.

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