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Oct 20, 2020 | Fires And Explosions, Toxic Exposure, Work Accidents

Petrochemical, chemical plant or refinery plant, accidents are very traumatic. Victims of a petrochemical accident can be left suffering for the rest of their lives, whether injured themselves or whether they lost a close family member or friend. When these tragedies strike, it’s important to hold the people responsible for the harm they caused accountable to the victims.​What Happens in a Petrochemical Accident?
Petrochemical accidents usually result in property damage, severe bodily burn injuries, a decreased livelihood, and even wrongful death. In some cases, a victim may only suffer only property damage from a petrochemical accident. In other cases, firesexplosions, or chemical exposure can take a life.

Petrochemical accidents can originate from a number of sources. A neglected gas leak can result in a pipeline explosion. Unattended oil spills can pollute and contaminate drinking water and the environment. No matter what the cause, however, petrochemical accidents cause real harm. Risks to employees, and to bystanders, can include disfigurement from burns, lung damage, cancer, accidental falls, injury from loose debris, head trauma, emotional trauma, loss of limb, chronic headaches, and more.

Petrochemical Accidents in Houston
Houston is home to many of the largest oil refineries in the country and is host to some of the largest employers in the industry. Some of these companies value profits over the safety of their employees – or the residential neighbors around them, for that matter.

Both residents living in close proximity to the refineries and the employees who work in the petrochemical industry are constantly exposed to the inherent dangers of the industry. There are large quantities of flammable and toxic airborne chemicals that pose serious health risks and other threats.

If You’ve Been Impacted by a Houston Petrochemical Accident, We Can Help!
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for overseeing company policy and ensuring employees are safe. However, OSHA is not always thorough enough and, therefore, legal action is necessary for receiving proper compensation for a petrochemical accident.

There are legal options for those suffering because of a petrochemical accident. Most often an accident occurs from negligence on the part of the managers and owners of the petrochemical companies. Anywhere from inadequate training, to violations of safety codes and proper warning signs can be probable cause for bringing a lawsuit against a petrochemical company.

If you or someone you know lives in close proximity to, or is employed by, the petrochemical industry operations and has suffered in some way by exposure, call our injury attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas. You can depend on our Houston-based attorneys at Williams Hart & Boundas to fight for the justice you deserve from a petrochemical injury’s harm. Call for a free consultation, we’re here to help!

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