Labor unions play a fundamental role in the development and enforcement of labor standards in our country. Our team at Williams Hart is proud to support local unions as they continue to advocate for fair compensation and workers’ rights.

​Founding partner John Eddie Williams, Jr. grew up in a strong union household. The blue-collar spirit of his background is an integral part of our firm. We believe it is essential that we do everything we can to support local chapters in ensuring the protection of workers’ rights and wages.

For decades, Williams Hart Law Firm has demonstrated its commitment to protecting and championing labor union workers’ rights throughout the United States. From its home office in Houston, TX, the legal team at Williams Hart has consistently fought and won the good fight on behalf of labor union workers across the country who were injured or killed on the job.

We are a nationally recognized champion for labor unions. Our team is dedicated to defending your rights as a hardworking American.


Over the years, we have had the opportunity to support local unions. We have done this by getting involved with community events, discussing important legal issues with union leaders. We have even spoken at labor union events and conducted steward training events for labor union workers. When members come to them during a time of legal need, union representatives specifically refer their members to our firm for help, and we stand ready.

Our team is proud of the relationship that we have developed with local labor unions and the trust they have placed in our firm. In fact, we are the preferred law firm of each of the following local union chapters:

Insulators & Allied Workers Local #22
Boilermakers L.U. #74
Bricklayers District Council Local 5 Okla/Ark/Texas/NM
Carpenters District Council
Carpenters L.U. #551 (Central South)
Cement Masons L.U. #681
Electrical Workers L.U. #716
Elevator Constructors #31
Glazier’s Local #1778
Ironworkers L.U. #84
Ironworkers #847 (Regional Reinforcing)
Laborers L.U. #154
Millwrights L.U. #2232
Operating Engineers #450

Painters Local #130
Pipe Fitters L.U. #211
Plasterers L.U. #79
Plumbers L.U. #68
Road Sprinkler Fitter L.U. #669
Roofers L.U. #123
Sheet Metal Workers L.U. #54
Teamsters L.U. #968
Boilermakers L.U. #132
Ironworkers L.U. #135
Boilermaker-Lonestar District
Harris County AFL-CIO
Texas Building Trades Council


When union workers suffer injuries or are killed in an accident on the job, this significantly impacts their lives and families. Besides the obvious costs of emergency medical care, surgery, rehabilitation, and other long-term costs, they could potentially lose out on lost income and benefits. In some instances, negligence in workplace health and safety standards may result in substantial punitive damages for union workers. For an injured worker or the grieving family of a fatally injured worker, the legal details required to ensure just compensation can be overwhelming. We are here to help in the most difficult times of life to represent Union Workers.

At Williams Hart, we understand just how crucial labor unions are for workers all over the country. We are proud of what we have been able to do in support of local labor unions in the Houston area and surrounding communities. When it comes to the rights of hard-working Americans, we will rush to help. We have made it our mission to further the development of our relationship with local union chapters. We are always happy to support each of these organizations in any way that we can.


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