What to Look for in a Work Accident Lawyer

Jan 12, 2021 | Work Accidents

Hiring an attorney to help you deal with a work accident will be very beneficial, and it provides for a better recovery process. Lawyers who specialize in worker’s compensation and employment law are going to serve you well and make sure you get all the benefits you deserve after your work accident.

How to Find a Good Work Accident Lawyer. A good accident lawyer will have an incredible depth of knowledge about work accident lawsuits. But how do you tell that the lawyer you are taking to actually has the skills? Interviewing your lawyer is always an option. Before you commit to a relationship with them, make sure they are going to help you solve your problem and have the exact skill set needed for your unique situation.

Research Work Accident Attorneys. Before you choose an attorney to meet with, do your research about them and their qualifications. Make sure work accident law or worker’s compensation is their primary practice area.

Ask for a Consultation and Interview Them. Ask your attorney during the consultation about how many years of experience they have in the field. Ask them how well they pay attention to details, what reputation they have for trustworthiness, and if their success rate in cases similar to yours has been. Find a lawyer who will be working on your case and whose support staff, a legal assistant or paralegal, is just as competent as the lawyer is, as often times they will be conducting portions of your case work.

Make Sure They Are Reachable and Transparent. Additionally, you want your attorney to be reachable. Either by phone or email, it is much more reassuring to know your attorney is attentive to your case and can answer any questions you have. Also, ask them to be transparent in their fee arrangement.

You Deserve Respect. You are always entitled to respect. Make sure you find an attorney who can give you both the respect you deserve and demand that same respect from your employer after a work accident. 

If you or someone you know has experienced a work accident, contact our attorneys at Williams Hart. We can help you get what you need after a work accident.



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