When Truck Accident Hazmat Spills Threatened Public Safety

Nov 4, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Just a few weeks ago, an 18-wheeler truck overturned on Highway I-10 at Thompson. As these types of accidents too often do, the crash resulted in a fatality. In addition to this, the truck spilled hazardous diesel fuel onto the roadway. Hazmat truck accidents like this are far too dangerous to brush off as collateral damage to a booming economy. The hazardous materials transported by many 18-wheelers can cause lasting damage to local communities.

Diesel Fuel Gushes Out of Crashed Tractor-Trailer

If you’ve ever traveled on one of Houston’s many highways, you’ve probably had your trip delayed by a truck accident. This is precisely what commuters near Thompson encountered in the early morning hours of June 15th. An 18-wheeler crashed and spilled diesel fuel on the road, causing major delays and closures while a hazmat team responded to the scene. Local newscasters helped commuters find alternate routes. Many people in the area were far more concerned with getting to where they needed to be than a public safety hazard.

Emergency responders worked hard to clean up the diesel that spilled out from the 18-wheeler. Thankfully there were no reported fatalities from the incident. But that does not imply that no harm was done. Diesel fuels are slippery, making it a hazardous risk of slippage in areas of the highway that may have missed by clean-up crews. Diesel is also a toxic chemical, and if it makes its way into local groundwater, it can contaminate wells. As many of us already know, the substance is highly flammable, causing a huge risk of fires or explosions in exposed areas. Given the many complex hazards created when an 18-wheeler spills diesel fuel or other toxic substances on Texas highways, the question needs to be asked. Who can be held accountable for future harm?

Who is Accountable When Hazmat Truck Accidents Cause Further Injuries?

Personal injury actions are brought under legal theories of negligence, which involve several elements to prove a claim. One of these elements has to do with the foreseeability of the type of harm that injured the plaintiff bringing the suit. This element of foreseeability can be difficult to prove. Particularly if someone was harmed by a secondary hazard created by a truck accident. So, for example, a car sliding off of the road several hours after an 18-wheeler contaminated the highway with slippery chemicals.

Whatever the situation, maybe, if you suffered injuries in a hazmat truck accident, you need a good lawyer. Having proper legal counsel can help hold the appropriate person or corporation accountable for the foreseeable harm they caused. If you’ve been injured due to a hazmat truck accident; even if you weren’t directly involved in a collision, Williams Hart & Boundas can evaluate your accident and help you identify the liable parties. Williams Hart & Boundas law firm knows how to pursue justice on your behalf. So if you have been wronged in a trucking accident, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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