jury verdict against a chemical plant for wrongful death.


jury verdict against a trucking company that resulted in nerve damage to our clients


verdict against a pharmaceutical company for a child born with severe birth defects.


verdict against the manufacturer of a defective drug.


verdict against a trucking company for severe neurological injuries.


jury verdict in a trucking accident that resulted in a wrongful death.


verdict against drug company for child with significant birth defects.


jury verdict against oil field trucking company for a wrongful death.


jury verdict against an auto auction company for injuries.


jury verdict against an offshore company that failed to maintain its equipment injuring our client.


jury verdict against the manufacturer of a defective drug.


jury verdict in an accident involving faulty power equipment.


jury verdict for injuries resulting from an accident that occurred while drilling an oil well.


Jury verdict against manufacturer of a toxic product.


Jury verdict against industrial facility for a wrongful death.

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Our client, a Houston-based electrician, suffered severe injuries. During a routine inspection at the worksite, there was an explosion. The force of the blast caused him severe burns and injuries. His burn injuries later resulted in a loss of fine motor skills and the ability to work.
We were able to secure just compensation for the extensive and life-altering injuries. To do this, we had to work with diligence, honesty, and integrity.

Williams Hart & Boundas law has proudly stood by hard-working Americans and their families. In fact, our team has helped thousands of injured persons recover from work accidentsincluding burn injuries, brain, and spinal cord injuries, and crane accidents.

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On May 27, 2015, a St. Louis jury added $23 million in punitive damages to the $15 million they earlier awarded a 12-year-old girl. The court found that Abbott Labs did not do enough to warn doctors about the birth defect risks of their drug Depakote.

In the case: Schmidt v. Abbott, CA No. 1222-CC-0247901, Missouri Circuit Court (St. Louis). Our legal team effectively convinced the jury that “Abbott underplayed the risk of birth defects. Hence, making it appear that Depakote had about the same level as other anti-epileptic drugs available at the time. When, in reality, it was the most dangerous.”

We are proud to have successfully won compensation for children who suffered serious injuries caused by Depakote. This ensured that these families would have money to afford expensive medical care in their children’s future.


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