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Williams Hart Law Firm has one mission: to fight for the rights of individuals who have suffered an injury due to negligence.

​ No complication will deter us from serving those who have been injured, no matter how complex the case may be. We will not back down from a fight. No matter if our opponent is an insurance company or a multi-national corporation. We will not settle until you receive a fair trial.

our mission:

to fight for the rights of individuals who have suffered injury due to negligence

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Williams Hart law firm is a team of nationally-recognized, award-winning attorneys. That work diligently on every case. We allocated our wisdom and resources to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. ​Since 1983 we’ve secured justice for more than 100,000 injured clients. You can be sure, given the opportunity to do the same for you.

Our team of lawyers has helped thousands recovered a just compensation after a life-altering event. We’ve seen firsthand how a serious accident can hurt an entire family’s way of life. Thus, we are proud to say that our work, without a doubt, does help people.

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The Williams Hart law team believes that you deserve a trial attorney who has been proven in the courtroom. Our Houston injury lawyers are passionate about helping our clients through the most difficult times of their lives. After a serious injury due to the negligence of another party, victims are often forced to deal with traumatic pain and severe financial hardships.

To win the toughest cases, it takes resources, perseverance, and decades of legal experience. We offer a free legal consultation. For your peace of mind, please know that we are a contingency fee law firm. What this means to you is there are no fees unless we win your case.

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accidents we help with 

 Car accidents can be a major are life-altering events. In that, it leaves families unable to cope with the major life changes during recovery.

The Williams Hart team is here to provide clear legal representation. We advocate for our clients a just financial compensation. We help our clients get the facts about their case. Therefore, they are able to make informed decisions about their next steps. See what our car accident lawyers can do for you here.

Commercial trucking accident requires legal representation. Have a personal injury lawyer represents your case. This ensures you receive fair and just compensation. As your lawyer, we gather all the vital information from all parties. 

Trucking accidents may cause complex legal situations. Our team of lawyers are experts in personal injury lawsuits. Learn more about our attorneys’ work in trucking accidents here.

Many Americans have a serious life-altering event after a work accident. For some, this could be long recovery periods. While for some and their families the effects are far worse.

Over time, our firm has seen, firsthand, the life-altering effects of on-the-job accidents. We’ve defended the rights of our clients who are struggling to cope after a workplace injury. Learn more about the work we do for our clients.

Oil industry-related accidents are all too common in Texas. Williams Hart Law firm has been representing families after major accidents for over 35 years. We know what it takes to help injured workers get the compensation they need to recover.

When disaster strikes, we are here for victims and their loved ones. Learn more about our work in petrochemical and refinery accident recovery.e.

Aviation accidents are serious and require a dedicated legal team to seek justice. We work with families who’ve been harmed in airplane or helicopter related accidents. In fact, having us as their lawyer ensured they had the best possible legal outcome.

Our lawyers understand the complex process of examining an aviation accident. Learn more about our aviation accident lawyers here.

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While jury verdicts and settlements are the currency of our profession, the moral commitment we have to our clients extends well beyond the financial bonds we forge.

With this in mind, it has always been our goal to promote the highest ethical standards among all of our attorneys and staff.

Giving our clients the very best legal representation is important to us – but conducting ourselves morally and ethically is even more important.

We go above and beyond for our clients, treating everyone as we would want to be treated. Moreover, our goal is to ensure that you understand your rights. Ensuring that you feel confident throughout the whole process. All while we seek the maximum compensation your claim deserves. We are committed to seeing your case through to the end.

Should you decide to hire us to represent you. Rest assured our team will be there to support you. We will be there to keep you updated on your case and answer any questions you might have.

Once you become a client of Williams Hart, our team will handle every aspect of your case. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation, collect all the vital evidence needed, and identify the responsible parties. We’ll consult with experts to determine the extent of your damages and the actual financial impact they will have on your life, now and in the future.

During the process, our team will cover all the costs of representing you. You won’t pay anything unless we win your case.