$12.45M Truck Accident Award OK’d By Texas Court

Apr 1, 2022 | Attorney Features, Firm News, Truck Accidents

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In the 129th District Court of Harris County, Texas, attorneys Jim Hart and Margot Trevino, with Williams Hart & Boundas Boundas Easterby, LLP, won a $12.45M truck accident verdict in 2019. Their clients sustained serious injuries when an 18-wheeler operated by New Prime, Inc. struck their small sedan from behind at highway speed on Interstate-45 in Houston in 2012.

On March 29, 2022, a Texas appellate court approved the $12.45M jury settlement in favor of the injured couple. Arguments for reward reduction from the at-fault driver based on insufficient evidence and improper attorney statements were rejected. 

A three-judge panel of the Fourteenth Court of Appeals determined evidence presented to a Harris County jury supported its awards for the couple’s physical pain and mental anguish.

The at-fault driver and his employer, New Prime Inc., previously appealed the jury’s verdict in February 2020, citing overcompensation to the victims. The defendant also claimed the plaintiffs’ attorney asked inappropriate case-specific questions and that he and his counsel were being discriminated against. Those arguments were rejected. However, one justice agreed that the verdict should be reduced. 

According to an opinion issued on Tuesday by a Harris County District Court, both the at-fault driver and New Prime Inc. have conceded liability in the truck accident. As a result, the jury was left to determine the amount of damages the victims should receive. 

The female driver of the couple’s car sustained a herniated disc and facial nerve damage due to a rare condition called trigeminal neuralgia.

Evidence Found Sufficient 

The at-fault driver argued that the female victim’s damages should be reduced because she had refused specific treatment for her nerve damage. Still, the panel’s majority found the evidence sufficiently supported the jury’s award.

“The jury, as the sole judge of the witnesses and their credibility, could have considered this evidence in exercising its broad discretion to determine the amount of compensation due to [the client] for her past and future physical pain,” Justice Jerry Zimmerer wrote for the majority. “The fact that [the client] stopped taking medications that were not effective to reduce her pain or had side effects, or that future medical treatment was not guaranteed, does not negate the jury’s finding of future physical pain.”

Expert Houston Truck Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a Houston commercial truck accident, don’t wait another day. The statute of limitations in Texas is two years from the date of your injury. So the sooner you reach out to an experienced truck accident attorney, the more likely you will receive fair compensation.

Our team of truck accident lawyers is dedicated to holding truck drivers accountable and getting victims the maximum compensation. We know firsthand that a serious injury after a truck accident can alter an entire family’s way of life.

In addition, we understand that the legal proceedings required to ensure just compensation can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, the attorneys, paralegals, and support staff at Williams Hart & Boundas are proud to help families seek justice and recover.

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